Best Soft Tip Darts Brands To Make A Note Of

If you are a beginner, you may not know where to begin. Do you start your darts game with a soft tip dart or a hard tip dart? There are factors to consider before you begin. It also depends on how far you have progressed in your early forays in the sport. Have you developed a particular style of play, and how do you hold the dart before you let it fly. Best soft tip darts recommendations for beginners should begin with the brands.

Give yourself a good introduction to the brands and start finding out what soft tip or hard tip dart models or variations they have on offer for you. Among these will be a single package made just right for you. Among these will be the lightweight or slightly weighted dart perfect for your throwing style. These are selections on offer that will apply to your style of flighting the dart.

Each brand’s introduction should pave the way for you to decide whether you will be going along with a soft tip dart or if you really ought to go with a hard tip dart. The soft tip dart also comes recommended for those who have started to play competitively and are aiming their darts at an electronic dart board.

Best soft tip darts

The main reason for using a soft tip dart against an electronic dart board is that the game will be safer for you and your competitors. Let’s take a look at some of the brands available that you can make a note of so long.  Among the best brands being published on the internet today are Unicorn, Halex, Widdy, Black Widow and M3. Then there is still McCoy, Voks, Winmau and Arachnid. Whew, that is quite a number of choices so far.

But don’t let this intimidate you. If you are aiming, let’s just say, at being the best in the club or pub, you will want to go as wide as possible before you start narrowing down on your choices. Now, this is not meant to influence you in any way but you must just know that Bottelsen is probably the darts brand that gets the professional players’ tongues wagging after they have had a couple of pints.

Let’s chat a little about Bottelsen then before we head off back to the dart board. This is a brand that has, at the time of writing, been around for more than thirty years. It is acclaimed as one of the best dart brands around. Its popularity among professional players is influenced by the so-called premium feel that Bottelsen variations, both soft tip and hard tip, have for the players out there. Their steel tip darts are also a bull’s eye hit among the regular players.

But then there are the rivals. Unicorn is one such rival, focusing on mass consistencies throughout the length of the darts, soft tip or hard tip. All the above brands do have entry level darts for the beginners to choose from.